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"Northern Rockies Music Festival" 1-Color Screen Print, Official Poster & Live Painting

Exclusive Prints Live Painting Northern Rockies Music Festival

Due West Press was in charge of creating the 2015 Northern Rockies Music Festival T-Shirts and Poster.  Vibrant, multi-color, original artwork and illustrations were provided by our in-house graphic designer, KMF ILLUSTRATION.  A simplified 1-Color design was chosen for the T-Shirts, utilizing different color inks for each different colored T-Shirt.  This was our first large-run we had ever created, with a 330 T-Shirt count.  While we were there, we painted a replica of the poster, live in front of the audience.  Check out the pictures for more details!

'Northern Rockies Music Festival' 1-Color Screen Print

'Northern Rockies Music Festival' Live Painting!

Official 2015 NRMF poster artwork by KMF ILLUSTRATION, auctioned off at the end to a lucky winner!  Thank you Tom Teitge for helping me paint this in front of the audience!

Due West Press: 'Northern Rockies Music Festival' Official 2015 Poster by KMF ILLUSTRATION

Official 2015 NRMF poster artwork by KMF ILLUSTRATION

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