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Due West Press Artists

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick

    AKA: KMF ILLUSTRATION - The center of imagination and source of creativity are themes that run in Kevin's work.  Whether it be from a pen and ink illustration or a computer-produced piece of graphic art, a deeper story is to be sought after a first glance.  Visually rich with colors and detailed symmetry, Kevin's art speaks its own language.
  • Gwen Mesce

    AKA: AWESOME MOMMA - An artist in the fullest sense, Gwen's approach to her craft is open ended and open minded.  Creating screen printed renditions of antique photographs is her expertise.  With a background in social work, Gwen enjoys engaging art with communities.
  • Rene Gonzalez

    AKA: BELLEVUE BATMAN - A stealthy illustrator with a keen eye for details, Rene produces artwork that invites the audience to take a closer look.  Never one to shy away from intricate pen work, Rene's rich lines and moody characters make for exciting illustrations that speak their own story.
  • Augustus Hootz

    AKA: GUS - Nothing's holding this guy back, his street art nature is prevalent in everything and all that he does. A rebel at heart and a master with a spray can, Gus is always developing new styles and testing his limits.
  • Kevin Bothwell

    AKA: DJ INCOGNITO - A vector artist at heart and obsessive collector of all things inspirational, Kevin excels in layering his artwork.  Known for his 3-Dimensional shadow boxes and word for word, detailed portraits of celebrities, Kevin's work is always a head turner.  Lately Kevin has been going big with multi-layered canvas paintings.